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About Us

At David Kasinos Catering, our devotion to hospitality is our driving force. Our dedication to both you and your event is the key ingredient to the service and product we provide. Hospitality is in our blood and always has been dating back to our roots in Valencia, Spain. Since implementing our Mediterranean flavors to our dishes and events in the United States, the growth of David Kasinos Catering has allowed us the opportunity to expand our offerings to families and corporate events in locations all over the tri-state area.

Our executive chef/owner David Kasinos is a professionally trained chef who, after graduating from culinary school, traveled the world working in some of the finest Michelin Star restaurants from Paris to New York City. After spending years of his life in gourmet kitchens, David decided to change his path and focus on a more personal direction in the food world. Building off of his love of creating catered culinary experiences for private events, David started a boutique catering company that specializes in memorable culinary experiences. The combination of his passion for creative events, along with sturdy family values, ensures the ability to deliver the best hospitality experience possible to all those who trust David Kasinos Catering to give them a one of a kind dining experience. We look forward to meeting you and making you the newest member of our family!

Our Core Values

FAMILY – Family is the reason we have everything we have in life, and because of that we promise to bring our everything to our guests. Whether we’re catering a lavish wedding for 300 people or a backyard BBQ with 20 people, our close-knit vibe will make you feel as if we are inviting you into our own home.

PASSION – They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. At David Kasinos Catering we truly love what we do in helping to provide amazing food and creating unforgettable memories.

FEEDBACK – We are always looking for ways to improve on what we do. As a boutique catering business, we would not be here if it wasn’t for our guests. Your input means the MOST to us and we always appreciate hearing what you love about our service. Just as much as that, we appreciate hearing what we can do to improve our level of service. Remember, you keep the party going!

EXCELLENCE – At David Kasinos Catering, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our work. From the food on your plates, to the atmosphere at your events. Putting a smile on your face with our work is what puts a smile on ours. We take great pride in knowing that you have trusted us to make your experience with us a moment that will live in your hearts forever.

CREATIVITY –  Creativity is an ingredient we never run out of. At David Kasinos Catering we are constantly innovating and trying new things to bring a unique culinary experience to every event we have the opportunity to create for.

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